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Message from Shaun

Pete, this is the link i was talking about in my text. If you can do some magic with words I know mum would appreciate it.

Im so jealous of your holiday, I can't wait to do something like this myself with the midgets.

Hope your having a blast.


Message from Michelle

Hi Pete & Jo; we received your letter today and firstly let me tell you how excited I was to receive a hand written letter in the post. It has been ages since I last received one, then I was pleasantly surprised to see it was from you. Thank you so very much for all the hints, tips and vouchers you included in the letter. In Darren's words "keep them coming!" The reference is mostly for the hints and tips, however any vouchers you come across again wont be wasted:-). Now, I am a few days behind in your blogs (busy week), so am about to settle myself in for a period of entertaining reading. Thanks again and we look forward to catching up after we both return to compare stories xxx

Message from Fairlie

You have redeemed yourself by getting me up to date with the blogs.... Sleepless nights! Now where are the pictures? JK! Take care and drive safe.

Message from Oma/mum

Hope you all will be seeing the 'SUPER MOON' tonight!!!!
Might be a good way to relax after your 'SUPER DRIVE' today!!!!

Message from Aunty Min

Whoop Whoop, I am SO loving these blogs Peter piper, keep up the good work. My only complaint would be that I am not receiving my personal text from you once they have been uploaded. Bit poor, but I'm sure after healing time I will build my bridge & get over it. This however could be avoided by JUST SENDING ME A TINY LITTLE TEXT WHEN YOU'VE BLOGGED! :-P Hehehehehe Where are we off to when we get to Coober? Are we going to William Creek? Lake Ayre?, staying underground? Huh Huh. I texted you earlier, but you're ignoring me (sniff sniff). Talk soon. PS are you road skypeing btw???
PS, Granny & Papa went to the Bough House Restaurant at Voyages Outback Pioneer Hotel (Yulara) & didn't have to eat meals for the next 24 hours. Said they were aboslute little piggies. had crocodile, wallaby, emu, buffalo and the dessert table was visited a number of times too. It's a bucket list thing, don't miss it!!! Granny told the lady she'd drive back from NSW for a meal like that & has been telling everyone they meet to go there. lol, I told ya it was good!!!!

Message from Tony & Ginny

Hi guys. Really enjoying your blogs Pete, we (well I do - Gin) look everyday. Glad you got a nice weather for your day out with Tristan and gang. Everything is going great hear at the park so you don't have to worry about a thing accept if you count Tony slacking off like he always does and Jacki getting on the grog at 3 in the afternoon. The weather here is turning quite cool but not as cold as you guys thank god. Once again have a safe trip, have a great time and give the boys a hug for us. Love T & G

Message from Oma/mum

Have been following your adventures nearly every day- Peter, you definitely are a born writer!!! Keep it up; don't get disencouraged because you do not get any comments. I am sure, lots of friends/family are following your ups and downs every day (with no comment!!!)
Do not forget to go to a bakery regularly: you all are on holiday!!!! and walking around lots, seeing all the sites etc.
Sure you are having lots of fun. wherever you go!!
Love to you 4!!!

Message from Stef Harker

Hi Guys...i've tried for days to get on this blog and FINALLY I have...yippee! Your blogs are great. Pics are fabulous too! Hope you had a great Birthday Dylan xxx I can't wait to hear whats next.

Message from Aimee Eslick

Happy Birthday Dylan. It sounds like you are all having a great trip. Love reading your blog. Have fun

Message from Jeremy

HaHa, cool. It's good to know that you are checking out the blog! Going to Dubbo Today and I get to feed Dylan to the Tigers! Going to take loads of pictures (especially of Dylan before hes lunch) and put them on the blog :) Hope you check them out,
B-Buy :)

Message from Michelle East

I am soooo excited for you. Keep the blogs coming Pete, we will be reading them and preparing for our own trip. Hope you manage to get a good nights sleep tonight :-)

Message from Jen

Jo, I've forgotten to send a card in advance for your birthday. Boo Hoo.
We will send a video message instead. XOXOX Jen
If your scratchie wins.......well.....hmmmm....i'll let you know. XOX

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